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Whisk food is your trusted partner for all things food & supplements sourcing & wholesale.

Your project, our trusted processes


We carefully source our products from all over the world. This is done through our reliable and trusted partner network. We source worldwide and deliver locally.

Product Development

We develop vitamins, powders, capsules & tablets according to your own formula. We’ve developed numerous recipes that are being sold all over Europe.


We co-pack capsules, tablets, gummies, powders, oil and seeds to your desired packaging. For different retailers and brands in Europe we are responsible for PL development.

The Whisk food formula

Whisk Food superfoods private label wholesale


Give your customers superpowers with the superfoods of Whisk Food. Our product portfolio covers proven ingredients and market trends. From chia, coconut oil to matcha – find out how Whisk Food can support you to get your superfood products off the ground.

Vitamins & Supplements

No matter if tablets/pills, soft-gels, capsules or gummies. Vitamins and supplements are the perfect choice for best-selling nutrition products.

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Of course, we do not only source your next best-selling products. But also we take care of the cumbersome parts. From bulk-importing to co-packaging, Whisk Food supports you at every step of the value chain.

Meeting expectations of diverse customers


A variety of domestic and international retailers trust Whisk Food as a reliable partner in terms of wholesale and private label. We are able to match your retail strategy with your product needs.


Brands & businesses need trusted industry knowledge paired with efficient processes. Therefore, Whisk Food is partnering up with brands to bring maximum values to the end customer.

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